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Parking heater from Webasto offer efficient warmth for diverse vehicles: cars, trucks, light commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, marine vessels and off-highway machinery. Compact and high-performing, they provide quick, eco-friendly heating, ensuring a cozy ride anywhere.

Webasto parking heater are true all-rounders when it comes to feel-good climate

Explore the benefits of our parking heater: compact efficiency for space-saving solutions, quick heating and eco-friendliness. Experience easy installation and universal compatibility, catering to your unique journey's demands.

Compact design

Our parking heater feature an ultra-compact design that fits into limited spaces, while delivering impressive heating capacity.

Highly efficient

Our heater warm your vehicle quickly with stable heating output.

Environmentally friendly

With low fuel consumption rates, our parking heater are eco-friendly solutions that minimize emissions.

Fast heating

High-performing models in our range deliver quick and efficient warming of even large passenger compartments.

Easy to install

Our vehicle-specific kits simplify the installation process and are available for most common models.

Universally compatible

Our parking heater integrate smoothly with all control elements, ensuring compatibility with existing vehicle systems.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Tailored solutions for automotive manufacturers

Webasto develops and manufactures thermo systems for all well-known automobile manufacturers worldwide. 


Overview Parking heater

  • Original equipment manufacturer

    We are the world market leader with our fuel-driven parking heaters and auxiliary heaters for gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.
  • Thermo Top Evo

    Discover the Thermo Top Evo, ideal for cars and recreational vehicles. High efficiency for reliable winter starts and a warm interior.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • Thermo Pro 90

    Highly efficient water heater with reduced fuel consumption, suitable even for extreme conditions. Enjoy warmth in your vehicle from the start.
    Thermo Pro 90 product picture on orange background Thermo Pro 90 header
  • Thermo Top Pro 120/150

    Increased comfort, safety and reliability for construction & and agricultural machinery, small to mid-sized buses, electric buses and trucks.
    Thermo Top Pro 120 / 150 product picture on orange background Thermo Top Pro 120/150 header
  • Thermo Pro 50 Eco

    For light trucks and medium-sized commercial vehicles with restricted space. Pre-heat your engine before starting, save fuel and ensure a cozy vehicle interior.
    Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco product picture on orange background Thermo Top Evo / Thermo Pro 50 Eco header
  • Thermo Plus 230/300/350

    Superior heating performance for buses, railway vehicles and trucks. Ensure optimal operating temperate for heavy-duty diesel engines and your driver's cabin.
    Thermo Plus 230/300/350 product picture on orange background Thermo Plus 230/300/350 header
  • eThermo Top Eco

    Experience efficient and eco-friendly heating for your vehicle's engine and interior with eThermo Top Evo. Suited for all vehicle types.
    eThermo Top Eco product picture on orange background eThermo Top Eco header

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