Elegance fridges

Maximize space and efficiency with CRUISE Elegance fridges

CRUISE Elegance fridges cater to varied cooling needs in tight spaces. Elegance models, with low power use and compact design, are ideal solutions for small caravans. Larger Elegance models deliver efficient cooling for use in bigger caravans and recreational vehicles.

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Benefits of CRUISE Elegance fridges

CRUISE Elegance fridges offer the lowest power consumption on the market in their size, a compact design for small spaces, comfortable volume with a freezer compartment and smart features. They also convince with their infinite design opportunities as the door panel and handle can be customized according to the customers expectations.

Low power consumption

With the lowest power consumption on the market in their size, CRUISE fridges are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Compact design

Designed specifically for compact vehicles like caravans and recreational vehicles, the fridges offer a compact design that fits perfectly in available spaces.

Freezer compartment

These fridges offer a comfortable volume with a freezer compartment, providing ample space for your cooling needs.

Smart features

All Cruise Elegance fridges have been prepared for installation of Isotherm Smart Energy Control (SEC) and Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC). Both retrofit solution lead eventually to reduce its on board power consumption.

Technology highlights

Vent lock system

With a simple slide of the invisible mechanism, CRUISE Elegance fridges can be switched to ventilation status. The door is kept open while the fridge is out of operation.

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White LED internal lighting

Energy efficient LED Light gives a good visibility and overview of stored products.

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Product details

Product specifications

CRUISE Elegance fridges offer a comfortable volume with a freezer compartment. They are designed for compact vehicles with a narrow, but tall design. The CR EL 42 and 49 have a volume of 42 and 49 liters respectively, while the CR EL 65 and 85 offer a spacious 65 and 85 liters. The CR EL 130 offers a total volume of 130 liters with a separate freezer compartment.

Model overview

CRUISE Elegance fridges are available in five models - CR EL 42, CR EL 49, CR EL 65, CR EL 85, and CR EL 130, each offering different volumes and features, making them ideal for different cooling needs.


Please find more information about CRUISE Elegance fridges in the recreational vehicles catalog on pages 104 - 106.

Delivery content

Each CRUISE Elegance fridge comes with a user manual and a warranty card. Installation and maintenance services are also available upon request.


Recreational vehicles - Catalog

Download the product catalog for recreational vehicles, including all fridges and freezers.

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