Field Data Monitoring
(FDM Connect)

The smart control unit for your Webasto battery system

FDM Connect is tailored to Webasto batteries, offering advanced battery monitoring and management. With this, machine manufacturers get a clear overview of current performance data and the condition of vehicle batteries. Available in the EU, UK and EFTA countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), it is compatible with vehicles such as trucks, light commercial vehicles, buses and off-highway vehicles.

Benefits of Field Data Monitoring

Field Data Monitoring Connect (FDM) from Webasto provides a comprehensive range of benefits. Experience effortless remote diagnostics, swift over-the-air software updates, significant cost savings and seamless automated data monitoring. Moreover, it prepares you for future digital services.

Remote troubleshooting

Experience effortless troubleshooting with remote diagnostics from Webasto. This feature reduces the need for on-site specialists and enables quicker problem resolution.

Seamless over-the-air (OTA) updates

The software of batteries can effortlessly be updated with the touch of a button.

Significant cost savings

With FDM Connect, avoid the need for expensive tools and on-site visits which leads to swift response times and notable cost savings.

Discover the power of G+

Automatically send essential battery data to our cloud every month to verify battery parameter compliance without manual data collection. 

Achieve a win-win situation for all stakeholders 

By gathering key data from our battery systems in different applications, Webasto refines battery traits to offer smarter, safer and more sustainable batteries ahead.

Future-ready services

FDM Connect lays the groundwork for the adoption of future digital services as they become available, ensuring you never fall behind on technological advancements. 

Technology details

CAN communication support (CAN2.0B and SAE J1939)

Depending on where FDM Connect and VIB or battery are to be integrated in the vehicle CAN, the compact monitoring module can easily be adapted to vehicle's individual specifications.

Field Data Monitoring system (FDM) on blue background FDM 800x450

Strategic antenna placement

FDM Connect incorporates Cellular and GPS antennas. The device achieves peak connectivity when installed in locations with an unobstructed sky view, such as places near plastics or glass and at a minimum of 3 cm away from metallic objects.

Field data monitoring system transparent FDM 800x450

Product details

Technology details of FDM Connect

The FDM is a perfect add-on for the Webasto Battery System. It offers services that range from remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates to real-time monitoring and future digital services. The system integrates with the vehicle's CAN and utilizes 2G or LTE CAT M1 for data transmission.


Field Data Monitoring Connect - Datasheet

Download the datasheet for more information about Field Data Monitoring Connect.

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Field Data Monitoring Connect - Flyer

Learn more about Field Data Monitoring Connect in our flyer.

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