CV Standard
Battery System

A perfect fit for commercial vehicles and mobile machines

The Webasto CV Standard Battery System meets the highest quality and safety standards. With its modular and scalable design, it serves as a versatile traction battery for a broad spectrum of vehicles, spanning from light commercial vehicles to diverse mobile machines. The system not only provides a robust housing but also ensures unwavering quality and efficient thermal management.

Advantages of the CV Standard Battery System

Scalable battery system

Up to 18 CV Standard Battery Systems can be connected using intelligent interfaces to achieve a system configuration of 400 volts or 800 volts and with up tp 630 kilowatt-hours (kWh). 

Highest safety standards

The highest safety and quality standards guarantee a reliable overall system. Webasto CV Standard Battery System is intensively tested, including corrosion and leakage tests, thermal shock tests, and vibration tests.

From a single source

Through our value-added depth, we offer the majority of our services from one source - from development and project planning with testing and validation to integration and commissioning.

Robust & durable housing

Thanks to its robust housing, the CV Standard Battery System is the optimal partner for demanding applications. Especially for industrial vehicles, it offers reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

Technical data CV Standard Battery

Technical specificationsDetails
Dimensions (L x W x H)
960 x 686 x 302 mm
Weight 295*kg per pack
Installed energy~ 35 kWh
Voltage range 280 – 400 V  (~ 350 nominal)

Energy density

264 – 418 V
Energy density~203 Wh / l, >118 Wh / kg
Continuous use (CH / DCH)  (@25 °C, SoC dependent)50 / 56 kW

Maximum performance (CH / DCH) (30s, @25 °C, SoC dependent)

116/ 112 kW  

Lifetime (Cycles)

(@80% DoD, 25°C, 1C/1C)

 > 3.000 **
Calendric lifetime 8 Years
Volume flow per battery pack 10 l / min.
Pressure loss per battery pack < 50 mbar
Cell typeprismatic NMC
Vehicle Interface Box (VIB)

Safety features

  • Physical seperation between high voltage and cooling connectors
  • Desiccant cartridges to avoid condensation over lifetime
  • Integrated thermal runaway detection in each system
  • State-of-the-art pressure equalization 
  • Insulation measurement, high voltage interlock and contactor monitoring included in every battery pack
  • Temperature, voltage and current of different sub-components are monitored
  • Maintenance-free design

Download your Datasheets

Datasheet CV Standard Battery System

A perfect fit for commercial vehicles and mobile machines
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