Webasto Charging Systems Joins
Kia’s Electric Revolution

Webasto Charging Systems Joins Kia’s Electric Revolution with their Webasto Go, a Portable Dual-Voltage Charger for the All-New 2024 Kia EV9.


Webasto Go Charge with Kia EV9 Webasto Go Charge with Kia EV9
 Monrovia, California, October 10, 2023 - Webasto Charging Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Webasto Group, proudly announces its partnership with Kia America in an exciting initiative with the unveiling of the all-new 2024 Kia EV9. As Kia paves the way for its first-ever three-row all-electric SUV, Webasto’s state-of-the-art Dual-Voltage Portable EV Charger will be among the gifts offered to early adopters making a reservation. 

The Ultimate Charging Solution for the Ultimate EV: With every reservation request for the Kia EV9 from October 16th until November 27th, customers will be eligible to receive the Webasto Go Dual-Voltage Portable EV Charger. This charger combines versatility with efficiency, ensuring that EV9 drivers are never far from a quick power boost.

A Sustainable Future Together: The alliance between Webasto and Kia is more than a partnership; It’s a journey that began back in 2022 when the Webasto Go dual-voltage charger became an official EV charging accessory, available at Kia dealerships nationwide. With a shared commitment to accelerating the adoption of clean transportation, our collaboration has facilitated convenient, efficient, and reliable EV charging for Kia drivers across the USA. The inclusion of Webasto’s charger with the all-new EV9 is a testament to the joint commitment to promoting a sustainable future.

Effortless Charging Experience: The Webasto Go Dual-Voltage Portable EV Charger offers unmatched flexibility for the modern driver. Not only is it a dual-voltage and dual-purpose charger that can be conveniently wall-mounted at home, but it’s also compact enough to be thrown in the trunk for on-the-go charging, ensuring that EV9 drivers are continuously powered and primed for any journey. 


Celebrating Early Adopters with Cutting-Edge Charging Technology: In an era of progressive electromobility, Webasto honors the pioneering spirit of early adopters who choose the Kia EV9. Webasto Go Dual-Voltage Portable EV Charger is a gateway to an empowered, flexible, and sustainable driving experience. Webasto's charger is not merely an accessory; it's a promise of convenience, reliability, and seamless integration into the daily lives of the EV9 drivers, ensuring they are always powered and ready for the journey ahead.

“Collaborating with Kia America on their ambitious EV9 project is an affirmation of our dedication to advancing the EV landscape. By integrating our cutting-edge charger, we're providing consumers with more than just a vehicle – it’s a complete EV experience. We're excited to be part of this journey and to support drivers as they transition to a greener future,” said Christina Di Sano, Director of Sales, Webasto Charging Systems.

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