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From May 11 to 13, 2022, Webasto will present its solutions as the leading system supplier for combustion and electric rescue vehicles.


HEPA air filters HEPA air filters

Stockdorf – May 10, 2022 – At this year’s RETTmobil exhibition for rescue and mobility, the top-100 automotive supplier from Stockdorf near Munich will showcase its diverse range of battery, charging and HEPA filter systems for the rescue sector for the first time. The company will also exhibit its proven heating and cooling solutions at booth 608 (Hall 6).


Electromobility solutions


The Webasto Standard Battery System which, thanks to its modular design, is suitable for both electric and hybrid vehicles. It combines the price benefits of a scalable mass-produced product with the precision fit of a custom solution. With standardized battery modules, the system is individually configurable, extremely cost-efficient, and suitable for various vehicle segments. The supplemental “Vehicle Interface Box” (VIB) serves as an interface between the battery system and the vehicle and enables not just system configuration, but also programming. The battery system is manufactured at the Webasto plant in Schierling, Bavaria. One of the most modern battery system production facilities is located here – the highly flexible Multi-Product-Line, which can produce up to 40,000 battery systems a year.


With Webasto Next the system supplier is showcasing its smart and easy-to-use charging station. It has a charging capacity of up to either 11 or 22 kilowatts and is available with cable lengths of 4.5 or 7 meters. The wallbox has integrated DC residual current protection, so there is no need to install a separate “RCD type B” circuit breaker. Authentication using “Scan & Charge” via a QR code allows access to the charging station to be controlled. The integrated LAN and WLAN interfaces enable connection to the Internet. This allows Webasto Next to be operated directly on site or remotely via an app or the Webasto Charge Connect portal. Users and administrators of the charging station can access information about the current status of the wallbox, the charging history and the energy consumption from anywhere at any time.

With the High-Voltage Heater (HVH), Webasto also offers a powerful heating system for hybrid and electric vehicles. The device provides pleasant interior temperatures and preheats the battery to get the most out of its performance. Thanks to efficient coating heating technology, the HVH converts the stored electrical energy into heat with almost no loss and an efficiency of more than 95 percent.


An example of successful integration of Webasto thermal components into an e-vehicle can be seen in the WAS 500 E-RTW at booth 103 of WAS Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH (manufacturer of ambulances and special vehicles). Webasto is able to combine its proven heating and cooling units thanks to a modular system and its own “Cronus” central control unit. These are then seamlessly and effortlessly integrated into both, fuel and electrically powered emergency vehicles.


HEPA air filters deliver maximum protection


To make journeys in emergency vehicles pleasant and safe for professionals and patients alike, offering maximum protection against viruses has, in addition to seasonal air conditioning, also been a key feature since 2020 at the latest. Shortly after the Covid pandemic broke out, Webasto therefore began to develop air filter systems corresponding to HEPA filter class H14 for all types of vehicles. The “HFT 200”, “HFT 300” and “HFT 600” units filter 99.995 percent of particles smaller than 0.3 micrometers out of the air. This includes the Coronavirus, which has a diameter of approx. 0.12-0.16 micrometers. Depending on their size, these filter systems can decontaminate between three and ten cubic meters of room air per minute. In rescue vehicles the filters, used in conjunction with personal protective equipment, significantly reduce the risk of infection of emergency medical service operators and patients.

The high-voltage heater (HVH) from Webasto creates pleasant temperatures inside the vehicle and simultaneously takes care of the essential thermo management of the powertrain battery of electric vehicles. The water heater is offered with heat outputs of 5 kW, 7 kW and 10 kW. High-Voltage Heater ©Webasto-Group

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