TurboConnect™ Charger
and Next-Gen EV Innovations

Webasto Charging Systems Expands Access to TurboConnect™ Charger in 2024 and Unveils Next-Gen EV Charging Innovations.


Webasto Turbo Connect Webasto Turbo Connect

Monrovia, Cali., November 16, 2023 – Webasto Charging Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of the Webasto Group, announces the forthcoming wider availability of the TurboConnect™ charger beginning in early 2024, reinforcing its commitment to accessible and advanced EV charging solutions. The TurboConnect charger, initially launched for high-volume customers in March of this year, will soon be accessible to a broader audience, making EV charging secure, efficient, and available for all. Webasto also introduces two upcoming additions to its lineup - the Turbo DX™ 2 Charging Station and the Webasto Go™ Gen 2 High-Power Cordset, both set to be available later in 2024.


The TurboConnect charging station, designed for both private and commercial use, features advanced Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity, complying with stringent cybersecurity standards. With a robust 11.5kW (48A) power output, it rapidly adds approximately 44 miles of range per hour, catering to residential, fleet, workplace, destination charging, and more.
Seamlessly connecting to the Webasto ChargeConnect Web Portal and App, it prioritizes reservation and QR code functionality, and integrates smoothly with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), providing cutting-edge solutions for efficient EV charging. Users can plan and secure charging sessions during peak times through the reservation feature, while the QR code functionality streamlines authentication. The platform's ERP integration establishes a flawless connection between the charging infrastructure and broader organizational processes, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy. “These innovations highlight our dedication to a comprehensive charging solution in the evolving electric vehicle landscape,” emphasized Dr. Michael J. Bauer, Executive Vice President at Webasto Charging. He stated, “The ChargeConnect platform remains integral to our vision for an electrified future, optimizing the charging experience through accessibility, convenience, and technological innovation.”


Webasto Charging Systems Unveils Two New Charging Solutions


The Turbo DX™ 2 Charging Station is a versatile Level 2 charger with a power output of 7.7kW, offering the flexibility of a plug-in or hardwired option and rapidly adding up to 30 miles of range per hour. Encased in a rugged aluminum housing with advanced safety measures, it excels in various settings, ensuring reliability and flexibility. The Turbo DX 2 addresses the need for efficient, safe, and reliable charging. Its integration capability into Smart Home Applications adds an extra layer of efficiency and convenience for homeowners. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and supported by the Webasto ChargeConnect platform, the Turbo DX 2 is a comprehensive solution catering to the evolving needs of residential and public-facing EV charging.


The Webasto Go™ Gen 2 High-Power marks a new era in portable Level 2 EV charging. Equipped with state-of-the-art safety features for the highest security and robustness, the cordset supports a maximum charging power of up to 9.6kW (40A) at 240V, swiftly adding up to 37.5 miles of range per hour. “This innovative solution excels in challenging conditions and epitomizes convenience and reliability,” emphasizes Michael Schoenberger VP of Research & Development of Webasto Charging Systems, adding, “Its compact and lightweight design, combined with high-power capabilities, caters to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners, truly embodying the future of portable EV charging solutions, both at home and on the go.”


Exclusively available to high-volume customers in 2024, the Gen 2 Cordset offers white labeling options and can be customized according to specific requirements, showcasing the future of portable EV charging solutions by delivering exceptional performance and a reliable charging experience.


Webasto Charging Systems emphasizes safety and energy efficiency, with all products certified by recognized bodies and Energy-Star rated for sustainability. Notably, all chargers support either the SAE J1772 or NACS coupler standard.

Experience Webasto Charging Systems' Charging Suite at LA Auto Show, November 16th



Webasto Charging Systems' entire suite, including the new chargers, will be showcased at the LA Auto Show Media & Industry Day on November 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Visit Webasto-Group.com and EVSolutions.com for more information and updates.

Webasto Turbo Connect Webasto Turbo Connect

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