AC/DC Converter
Power Pack

Powering your fridge with the AC/DC Converter Power Pack

The AC/DC Converter Power Pack is a versatile accessory suitable for every fridge for recreational vehicles from Isotherm. The power pack is available in four distinct versions tailored for EU, UK, USA or AUS/NZ plugs.

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Benefits of the AC/DC Converter Power Pack

The AC/DC Converter Power Pack ensures optimal performance for your fridge. Tailored for global use, it comes in four versions. Each version is designed for a specific plug type to ensure compatibility and convenience wherever you are.

Universal plug adaptability

With versions for EU, UK, USA and AUS/NZ, the AC/DC Converter Power Pack guarantees global compatibility.

Compact and efficient design

With a weight of just 0.9 kg and dimensions of 131 x 35 x 255 mm, it is designed for space-saving installation and efficiency.

Product details

Product specification

The AC/DC Converter Power Pack offers an input of 100 – 240 Volt AC and an output of 26.5 Volt DC and can deliver up to 108 W of power and 4.5 A of current. It weighs a mere 0.9 kg and has dimensions of 131 x 35 x 255 mm. Optimized on the absorption curves of our compressors, the AC/DC Converter Power Pack allows the refrigerators and Isotherm units to be universally powered, with DC 12 / 24 Volt and AC 115 / 220 Volt 50 / 60Hz voltage.


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