Here in Stockdorf, around 18 kilometers from Munich, beats the heart of the family-owned company Webasto. From here, we successfully implement our roof systems, heating and cooling solutions for electric vehicles worldwide with a high level of innovation and enormous production power.

Work where others spend their holidays

Stockdorf was founded in the 7th/8th century. The town's name is based on the rootstocks of felled trees. It doesn't matter if you are cycling or hiking along the Würm or criss-crossing through the woods or at one of the lakes on the edge of the Alps. Stockdorf offers a wide range of outdoor and leisure activities. 

Our workplaces at the headquarters (Stockdorf) 

By using state-of-the-art communication technology and innovative, flexible coworking spaces, our headquarters presents itself as a future workplace.


Our open coffee and tea kitchens and our centrally located area with snack vending machines are also an integral part of our New Work concept.


In addition to our modern office space, we also have advanced development and testing areas in Stockdorf.


The roof shape of our main building is based on the look of a sliding roof.


One of our special highlights at the Stockdorf site is our in-house daycare center called "Webastolinis".


It was founded in 2012 in a modern new building right next to our location and offers space for three crèche groups.


Thanks to its idyllic location directly on the Würm, the crèche is an ideal starting point for excursions and exploration tours into nature.

Insights into our development and testing areas 

In our development and testing area in Stockdorf, our prototypes are tested thoroughly before they go into series production and will be sold worldwide.


Our vehicle parts are tested for durability over several days under extreme pressure, cold and heat.

Further locations

  • Stockdorf

    Experience the future workplace at our headquarters, blending cutting-edge communication tech with flexible coworking spaces. Our New Work concept includes open kitchens, central snack areas, and advanced development spaces, creating an innovative work environment in Stockdorf.
  • Gilching

    Webasto's milestone in Gilching consolidates all non-production functions of the Global Comfort Solutions division. The facility fosters collaboration, project development, and interaction, featuring a central atrium hall as a vibrant hub connecting key areas like test stands, training workshops, and meeting rooms.
  • Augsburg

    In Augsburg, Webasto integrates innovation, agile spaces, and cutting-edge technology with a smart building concept. Features include hand scanner access controls, automatic license plate recognition, and a commitment to solar energy and biodiversity, aligning with Webasto's strategic vision.
  • Hengersberg

    Hengersberg, a crucial Webasto location with 400 employees and 12,000 m2 of space, is pivotal for production and development. Specializing in mechanical production of convertible tops, it caters to renowned clients like Ferrari, McLaren, Audi, Aston Martin, and more.
  • Neubrandenburg

    Webasto Neubrandenburg, a key production site since 1990, has manufactured over 25 million heating systems for various vehicles, making it vital for parking heater production. Boasting 77,664 m² and 800 employees, it stands as the leading hub for Thermo & Comfort products in northern Germany.

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At Webasto, we value independent work, empowering employees as decision-makers. Join us to shape automotive innovations, working on complete modules with a focus on self-determination, team orientation, and a culture that appreciates every individual through our 'YOU' approach.



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