IT at Webasto is by no means just a service provider. It is a driver of innovation and change throughout the company. In IT, you work on diverse and challenging projects that help shape the future of Webasto. You are part of a dynamic and creative team that establishes modern and sustainable ways of thinking and working. Whether you are passionate about digitizing and optimizing processes or developing innovative IT applications, at Webasto you will find the right job for your talents and interests. 

Exciting challenges

At Webasto, you can drive innovation and change in the company with IT. You will be part of a dynamic and creative team that uses modern and sustainable working methods. You'll find what suits your talents and interests, whether you're digitizing and optimizing processes or developing innovative IT applications.

What you should bring with you

The IT department at Webasto offers you exciting challenges and a wide range of tasks. To be successful in this area, you should have certain skills and qualities. Here we introduce you to what these are.

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Project Management

Our project team works every day to ensure that project goals are realized, while taking into account our customers' wishes and requirements. 



Quality Management

Our quality management ensures that we always produce or work within the highest quality standards today and in the future.



Communications & Marketing

In Marketing & Communication we are committed to our brand, products and customers. 


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