electrical Vehicle
Thermal Management (eVTM)

Integrated thermal management for electric vehicles

For the electrical Vehicle Thermal Management (eVTM) from Webasto, various cooling and heating units work together in one system to ensure pleasant temperatures in the driver's cab and optimum conditions for batteries, powertrain and electronics. The heat is provided by efficient High Voltage Heaters (HVH) with an efficiency of over 95 percent. The system also incorporates the waste heat generated in the vehicle. The ultra-flat air-conditioning systems, such as the SP80, are installed between the roof and the ceiling panelling, which means they do not require any valuable interior space. eVTM and its components can be flexibly adapted for different vehicles and installation spaces.


The thermal system is suitable for electrically powered buses, ambulances, trucks, motorhomes, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery.

Illustration of Webasto eVTM with numbers

1  Radiator

2  Driver HVAC

3  Heat pump

4  Passenger HVAC

5  Waste heat recovery

6  Intelligent valves system

7  Battery

8  High Voltage Heater

9  Floor heater

Benefits of electrical Vehicle Thermal Management (eVTM)

Extended range

Conditioning the battery cells increases the service life of the batteries, shortens charging cycles and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Energy efficiency through heat recovery

eVTM uses the waste heat from electronic components to control the temperature of the battery, electronics and vehicle interior. This maximizes the efficiency of the heat pump.

Flexible and upgradeable system

The components can also be easily integrated into existing series productions. Software updates are possible at any time.

Intelligent coolant utilization

An innovative valve system distributes and mixes the coolant optimally. It is only used in the electric heat pump system. The system itself is based on water.

Product details

Product specifications


The configuration of the eVTM depends on various factors such as the type and size of vehicle, the purpose and area of use, the size of the space to be temperature-controlled and the number of people in the vehicle. The thermal system and the choice of device components are individually adapted to customer requirements. For an initial assessment, please complete the contact form below.

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