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Thermal Management

Intelligent integrated electrical Thermal Management (eTM) for electric vehicles

The eTM from Webasto is a thermo management solution for electric vehicles. It ensures driver and passenger comfort and optimizes temperatures for batteries, powertrain and electronics. Adaptable to various space constraints, the scalable system is tailored for diverse vehicles like buses, ambulances, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment.

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eTM Advisor for buses

A thermo management solution for your bus guarantees consistent and optimum temperates for the passengers, traction batteries, powertrain and power electronics of electric vehicles.


Configure your thermo management solution for your electric bus with only a few clicks.

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Benefits of the Webasto eTM

The Webasto eTM provides significant advantages for both owners and users of electric vehicles. It is more than a climate control system, but also improves vehicle efficiency, extends battery life, enhances power electronics performance and retains the vehicle’s design integrity. Enjoy consistent comfort and benefit from increased vehicle range, lifespan and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Maximized energy efficiency due to highest possible heat recovery

eTM recovers the waste heat of the power electronics and electric machinery. This waste heat is used for direct component heating (battery, driver and/or passenger area) and maximizes heat pump efficiency.

More driving range or less vehicle energy consumption

With its intelligent heat recovery and distribution, the Webasto eTM increases the vehicle’s range, allowing for longer usage periods between charges. Profit from less vehicle energy consumption and more driving range.

Higher sustainability due to less refrigerant

In the Webasto eTM, refrigerant is only used in the electric heat pump system, the system itself is water-based.

Flexible and upgradeable system

Software updates are possible at any time. Better components can easily be integrated, even during series production.

Technology highlights

Smart coolant distribution

An innovative valve system ensures optimal distribution and mixing of coolant throughout the system.

Illustration of eTM in off-highway vehicle eTM illustration off-highway

Efficient High Voltage Heater

To meet demanding climate requirements, the system includes High Voltage Heater with over 95% efficiency.

Top view of HVH 100 High Voltage Heater HVH 100 top

Ultra-flat air-conditioning units

The ultra-flat air-conditioning units can be installed between the roof and ceiling lining of any vehicle type, preserving maximum interior space.

Illustration of eTM solution Illustration eTM

Air-to-water radiator

The air-to-water radiator provides cooling and heat rejection.

Illustration of eTM in bus eTM bus illustration

Product details

Product specifications

Our electrical Thermal Management (eTM) is designed to provide optimal temperature control, extending the range of electric vehicles and improving efficiency.

Perfect integration of the eTM

Our thermo management system can be customized to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance across various vehicle types.

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