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Quick and reliable start in winter

The Thermo Top Evo heater from Webasto is ideal for newer cars and tight spaces, providing efficient heating and quick defrosting of the windows. For recreational vehicles, there is an overnight heating mode, a 1.8 kW partial load level and quiet operation. The Thermo Top Evo models heat spaces quickly and are characterized by low fuel consumption and minimal emissions.

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Benefits of Thermo Top Evo

The Thermo Top Evo heater impresses with its compact design and high efficiency. Vehicle-specific installation kits make fitting a breeze. The Thermo Top Evo ensures reliable winter starts and is suitable for various vehicle types. For recreational vehicles, it is available as the Thermo Top Evo Classic model.

Compact and efficient

Ultra-compact design, fitting seamlessly into vehicles with limited installation space combined with efficient heating capacity of up to 5.0 kW.

Highly efficient

With a stable heating output, the Thermo Top Evo quickly warms up your vehicle with heating capacities of up to 2.5/5.0 kW.

Environmentally friendly

Reduced emissions thanks to an eco-friendly fuel consumption of 0.31 - 0.70 l/h. The automatic control system provides heat according to demand and thus saves more fuel.

Fast heating

Fast defrosting and effective heating of even large areas in medium to large vehicles - no problem thanks to the Thermo Top Evo 5+ model.

Easy to install

Vehicle-specific installation kits make installation easier and are available for most common models.

Universally compatible

The combination with heating control elements ensures a smooth integration into your vehicle’s existing systems.

Technology highlights

Seamless heater operation with app control

Activate your heater with specific Webasto remote controls or our app. The heater also supports timer control, enabling you to preheat your vehicle prior to your drive.

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Efficient fuel consumption

The Thermo Top Evo is operated with fuel from the vehicle tank and works with a high degree of efficiency, ensuring minimum fuel consumption with maximum heat output.

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Product details

Product specifications

The Thermo Top Evo parking heater offers heating capacities up to 2.8/5.0 kW and 2.5/5.0 kW with a fuel consumption that ranges between 0.31 and 0.70 l/h, depending on the model and the operation mode. Suitable for various vehicle types, it provides a universal solution. With a performance of 1.8/5.0 kW, our Thermo Top Evo Classic model ensures ideal conditions for continuous heating in camper vehicles.

Model overview

The Thermo Top Evo series comprises the main models Evo 4, Evo 5 and Evo 5+ which are available in both diesel and gasoline versions. All models provide high efficiency, quick starts and fast defrosting. The Evo 4 offers a heat output of 2.5/4.0 kW, the Evo 5 delivers 2.8/5.0 kW. The Evo 5+ model is characterized by an innovative control system for larger spaces with 2.5/5.0 kW. In addition, our TT Evo Classic model with an output of 1.8/5.0 kW is ideal for permanent heating in motorhomes.

Legal warranty

Extension of the legal warranty from 2 to 3 years for all Thermo Top Evo installed in a car. This extension affects all Thermo Top Evo devices sold after January 1, 2023. The offer is valid for all installations executed by certified Webasto installation partners. No additional registration is required; the warranty period starts on the day of the installation invoice. *


* Within this 3-year period, the customer is entitled to the statutory warranty claims. Beyond this, no guarantee is given.


Thermo Top Evo - Datasheet

Download our datasheet for specifications and key features of the Thermo Top Evo.

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