Pro 90

Hot water and heating solution for large vehicles

Specifically designed for large commercial vehicles, minibuses and special vehicles, the Thermo Pro 90 water heater offers quick engine heating to optimal starting temperatures. With a commitment to sustainability, the design of the Thermo Pro 90 incorporates features that actively reduce fuel consumption and minimize exhaust emmissions. Functions such as altitude compensation, a quick warm-up mechanism and sliding heating capacity control make it suitable for extreme conditions. This compact, efficient unit is available for both original equipment and aftermarket installation.

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Benefits of Thermo Pro 90

Our Thermo Pro 90 water heater comes with an array of benefits. Its unique under-the-floor installation saves valuable interior space without compromising the heater's efficiency. An optional heat exchanger allows heating with or without a motor, whereby the heat remains constant thanks to an integrated circulation pump. With its ability to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, this heater stands out as an environmentally friendly solution for a variety of applications.

Compact and space-saving

With a volume of just 0.010 m³, the sleek design allows seamless integration into tight spaces for various residential and commercial vehicles.

Powerful heat output

Featuring a heat output range of 1.8-7.6 kW (boost mode 9.1 kW), the Thermo Pro 90 delivers consistent warmth and comfort in any environment.


Engineered for low fuel consumption, the Thermo Pro 90 uses state-of-the art technology to consume as little fuel as possible, offering impressive heat output while minimzing operating costs.

Quiet and eco-friendly

The Thermo Pro 90 is characterised by low noise emissions and low fuel consumption, providing an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution without compromising user comfort.

Unlimited hot water

The integrated heat exchanger ensures a continuous supply of hot water on demand, enhancing user convenience.

High-altitude adjustment

Powerful operation even in high mountain areas thanks to automatic altitude adjustment up to 4,500m.

Technology highlight

Quick warm-up with Arctic Start

The Arctic Start function of our Thermo Pro 90 ensures a rapid engine warm-up, reduced engine wear and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Car driving on road in rainy weather Car on road rainy weather

Product details

Product specification

The Thermo Pro 90 has a heating capacity between 1.8 and 9.1 kW, a fuel consumption of 0.2 to 1.1 l/h and operates in temperatures from -40 °C to +80 °C. With its compact dimensions, it weighs 4.9 kg.

Model overview

The Thermo Pro 90 water heater offers several optimized variants tailored to diverse requirements. It includes the base models for 12 V and 24 V systems, as well as models with altitude adjustment capability.


Thermo Pro 90 - Datasheet

Get detailed specifications with our Thermo Pro 90 datasheet.

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