Thermo Pro
50 Eco

Light and powerful water heater Thermo Pro 50 Eco

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco water heater from Webasto is designed for light trucks and small to medium-sized commercial vehicles. It offers a compact and lightweight solution for even the most restricted spaces. Pre-heat your engine to operating temperature before starting, saving fuel and ensuring a cozy vehicle interior even when stationary or during breaks.

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Benefits of Thermo Pro 50 Eco

The Webasto Thermo Pro 50 Eco water heater provides consistent temperature control, exceptional fuel efficiency and compact design for easy installation. It is also altitude-adaptable and guarantees a long service life. Whether for initial installation or retrofitting, this water heater is a versatile choice for your vehicle.

Lightest in class

At just 2.2 kg, the Thermo Pro 50 Eco is the lightest heater in its class.

Low emissions

Our Thermo Pro 50 Eco combines cost-effectiveness with low emissions, thanks to its exceptional efficiency.

Versatile installations

With its compact dimensions, the Thermo Pro 50 Eco is suitable for a variety of vehicle models.

Long service life

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco offers a high product quality with a service life of 3,000 hours.

Various installation options

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco is available for both initial installation and retrofitting.

Technology highlight

Innovative control system

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco features an innovative control system that ensures a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle even when stationary and during breaks.

Light commercial vehicle driving on snow in winter landscape LCV snow winter

Product details

Product specification

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco offers a heating output of 2.5/5 kW at partial load and full load, respectively, consuming 0.3/0.65 l/h of diesel. With a rated voltage of 24 Volt, its power consumption is 35 Watt without and 50 Watt with a coolant pump. The device is designed for operation with diesel fuels and can be operated in a temperature range of -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Model overview

The Thermo Pro 50 Eco water heater is available in two variants: the basic model (Thermo Pro 50 Eco D 24 V Basic) and the high altitude variant (Thermo Pro 50 Eco D 24 V High Altitude). The basic model is suitable for altitudes up to 3,000 m above sea level, while the high mountain variant is suitable for altitudes up to 4,000 m. Choose the one that suits your off-highway needs and altitude requirements best.


Thermo Pro 50 Eco - Datasheet

Get detailed specifications with the Thermo Pro 50 Eco datasheet.

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