Heating solutions for all requirements


Whether water or air heaters, Webasto heating systems provide an efficient working environment even at extreme outdoor temperatures and help to avaoid unnecessary idling times.


Why an air heater?

A cab that is cosy warm even before starting work, a clear view without ice and snow – and all that real easy without any installation and handling. Air heaters make your machines more effective and cost-effective, fit for the winter! We supply the air heaters in an output range of 0.9 to 22 kW.


Why a coolant heater?

Cold engines work inefficiently; wear increases and the useful life decreases. For you that means: higher costs, more fuel, more downtimes. The best solution for constant productivity even during frosty outdoor temperatures is to install a Webasto water heater. They are integrated into the engine coolant circuit and bring all the fluids and components up to operating temperature even before starting work.

The cabs are pleasantly pre-heated; fuel-intensive idling while stationary and during breaks become superfluous! And at the same time, our water heaters meet all individual temperature desires with an output range of 2.2 to 35 kW.

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