Draught-free fresh air


In vogue for many years: Sliding roofs are an integral part of today´s vehicle. They work perfectly with air conditioning systems as they offer draught-free fresh air and a perfect view.


7er BMW roof system

Roof open, light and air in – experience with all senses. For us, classic roof systems mean sliding roofs with a glass lid. They are integrated into the vehicles roofs from underneath and disappear into the roof panel. We cooperate closely with our customers on all our roof systems to optimally fulfill their requirements. Our roof systems are provided as prefabricated modules for quick assembly on the conveyor belt. If required, our sliding roofs can also be retrofitted by certified Webasto partners.

From big to small. We offer the correct roof system for every size of vehicle. Windshields prevent drafts and unpleasant noise generation. The panes of our sliding roofs are made from tinted safety glass, which enables a pleasant interior climate. And if you don't want light shining into the vehicle from above, you can close the sliding headliner – either manually or electrically.

Open air bliss. Classic roof systems have much more to offer: They go perfectly with air conditioning systems. They do not just provide more light in the vehicle, but also an effective air exchange. Studies have shown that this benefits both passengers and above all the driver, who tires less quickly. Our roofs are opened and closed using the operating elements integrated into the vehicle headliner. If required, they can also be conveniently opened and closed from outside using the remote control on the ignition key.

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