Big, bigger, panorama roof – light, air and sun


Panorama roofs are always a car's highlight. Today they can be found in every class of car. They usually reach from the front to the rear window, quickly creating an open air feeling.


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Fixed panorama roofs. Thanks to the way they seamlessly run from the windshield to the rear of the vehicle, panorama roofs create a dynamic design line. The simplest types of panorama roofs are the so-called fixed panorama roofs (FTM - Fixed Transparent Modules). If the FTM panes are made of glass, laminated safety glass is used. Fixed panorama roofs can be fitted from above (topload) or from below (bottomload).

The panorama roofs are always supplied with a shade system. All types of roller blinds are possible, for instance with or without a mandrel.

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Opening panorama roofs. Fresh air while driving and plenty of light in the vehicle – that's what many automotive manufacturers offer their customers with Webasto's opening panorama roofs. We develop topload, bottomload or sandwich concepts, tailored to our customers' needs. If panorama roofs are designed as topload systems, they can replace the entire roof panel. The result is high-quality complete glass design in the roof area.

Wide range of shade systems. In developing panorama roofs our customers benefit from our electronics expertise and our proven competency for shade systems. Here we offer a wide range of variations: from sliding headliners, right through to manually or electrically operated roller blinds with or without mandrels and side guides. We use a whole range of textile materials: from transparent stretch to opaque material. In the high-end range we offer electrochromic darkening technologies.


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