Frequently asked questions


Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Webasto roof systems.


Which cars can be fitted with sunroofs?

Almost any vehicle can be equipped later with a roof system. This also applies to older models.


What do Webasto sunroofs offer in terms of retrofitting and warranty?

You can always rely on Webasto quality. Webasto is a successful systems manufacturer supplying sunroofs for virtually every type of car. Webasto produces 5 million units a year, so more than 50 % of sunroofs factory installed by car makers around the world are from Webasto. That’s the quality that the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers demand, and that’s what you get when you buy from us – plus: 3 years warranty.


What does Webasto do to ensure top quality during roof installation?

In addition to product quality Webasto offers a high quality installation and reliable technology. The installation is carried out exclusively by qualified partners with the appropriate training and certification.


Will a retrofit sunroof reduce the value of my car?

No, the value of the vehicle does not decrease. Given the increase popularity of quality roof systems, this would increase the selling appeal.


What about the safety of a vehicle after the installation of a roof system?

Independent tests have proven that by the subsequent assembly of a Webasto roof system, neither the stability nor the crash behavior of the vehicle is affected.


Do retrofitted roof systems leak often?

It is a prejudice. Leaking roof systems are the result of improper installation by an unqualified provider. The brand name of Webasto Hollandia stands for top quality and the assurance that the installation will be carried out by certified partners.


Is it possible to also install a roof system with existing front and side airbags?

Sure. Numerous independent tests have shown that the installation of a new roof system Hollandia does not affect the functionality of airbags.


Does the installation of a roof system make sense if I have an air conditioner?

Yes, because each offers a different benefit. The air conditioner provides cool temperatures. The roof provides the fresh air and creates a comfortable ride and a natural lighting atmosphere 365 days a year.


What impact does a roof system has on driving behavior and driving experience in the car?

More light, better mixing of the incoming air and improved temperature distribution will make everyone in the car feel better. Above and beyond the positive effect on the driver’s reaction, sunroofs contribute to greater safety on the road.


Is it true that the roof system offers no protection from direct sunlight and heat radiation?

All Hollandia roof systems are equipped with Protective Venus ® glass. The special safety glass 80% of the reflected light, 99% of UV radiation and 97% of the heat. Thus, the indoor climate is always pleasant. It gets enough light into the car, but the heat stays outside.


Doesn‘t a sunroof inevitably mean some uncomfortable draughts?

Another prejudice; there’s an integrated wind deflector to minimize draughts even at high speeds. And in fact: draughts are much less of a problem than when you drive with the side windows open.


What about the noise level in the car with the roof open system?

The modern, aerodynamically optimized roof systems reduce the noise inside the vehicle to a considerable extent. The noise when the roof is opened is also significantly lower than that of the side windows.


Is it true that the roof system offers an advantage only at certain seasons?

A sunroof made of glass will always make the interior of the car seem brighter and more spacious and you’ll be able to enjoy that panoramic feeling at any time of the year. You have a lot of positioning options with a sunroof, so in fact you can make use of it all year round.


Is the air supply through the side windows not enough?

Open side windows create air turbulence and increase fuel consumption. Both are not to be feared by the open roof system.


Does the roof system reduce the headroom?

Modern Webasto roof systems are designed so that they require only minimal space, enhancing the feeling of space. In addition, most vehicles today are equipped with height adjustable seats, so you can choose the best position for yourself.