Off-Highway heating systems: Air Top Evo 40/55


The new Air Top Evo model offers more comfort, convenience and safety with greater heat output for larger commercial vehicles.

With this new air heater, both the driver's cabin and cargo spaces are heated quickly and effectively within a short time. Thanks to the new control system, energy consumption and noise generation are significantly reduced. Additional functions such as altitude adjustment and automated cold start have already been integrated as standard features.

Because installation is fast and easy, this Air Top Evo model is a cost-effective solution for retrofitting. If necessary, two devices can be combined in order to heat even larger cargo spaces.


Product benefits

  • 4.0 / 5.5 kW power for fast heating of driver’s cabins and cargo spaces
  • Low energy consumption and especially quiet operation due to efficient control system
  • Wide variety of safety & comfort functions
  • Standard automated functions such as altitude adjustment and automatic cold start
  • Continuous heating capacity thanks to low power consumption

Installation example




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