Webasto’s Low Profile HVAC is the first step Webasto has taken to initiate the revolution of HVAC design in the off-highway HVAC market and marks the next step on Webasto’s innovation road. The use of a reversed curved blade fan and low-profile evaporators and heat-exchangers are the key elements of the design that allows for achieving a height of only 80 mm for the unit. Due to the fan used and the unique design of internal air-handling, the unit outperforms current similar-size units in airflow as well as cooling and heating performance.



Key Benefits:

The HVAC is designed to be installed in the roof of both agricultural and construction machinery. Due to the slim package dimensions of the unit (636 x 518 x 80 mm) it enables OEMs and cabin manufacturers to fundamentally innovate the design of their cabins. The new Webasto unit, will make it possible to design slim roofs with increased headroom and greater visibility without any loss of comfort. The results of our stringent in-house testing program have clearly demonstrated the capabilities of the unit in terms of performance, durability and regulation-conformity. The unit has the capacity to deliver 7.8 kW of cooling performance (at 35 °C and 60 % Ur) and 6.8 kW heating performance (at -10 °C with 800 l / h at 90 °C) with an airflow (free-blowing) of up to 680 m³/ h. The concept unit has dimensions of 631 x 507 x 40 mm and weighs less than 7 kg. Of course, the design can be adapted to individual OEMs needs.

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