BlueComfort integrated solutions


Webasto BlueComfort solutions combine an air-conditioning unt and a water heating unit into one integrated system. Choose between heating and cooling at the push of a button.

Blue Comfort Classic

BlueComfort classic

In a BlueComfort Classic system a special self-contained unit and a water heater are integrated into one system. The A/C units are equipped with a second heat exchanger which is connected to a diesel-fired water heater.

BlueComfort Premium

BlueComfort Premium

The BlueComfort Premium system integrates a chilled water air-conditioner unit and a diesel-operated heater into one system. The use of a water heater ensures full heating performance, even at low seawater temperatures, when the reverse
cycle of an air-conditioner gets inefficient (below 6 °C).


Your advantages

  • Super quick warm-up of cabin, independently of sea water temperature
  • Flexible control system operation
  • Unrivalled dehumidification power
  • Modular concept allowing multiple configurations
  • Full range of solutions for any size of boat
  • Cost-efficient application due to component sharing for heating and cooling

Example of a Webasto BlueComfort Premium Basic integration

Example BlueComfort basic integration

Example of a Webasto BlueComfort Premium DeLuxe integration

Example BlueComfort deluxe integration
Datasheet BlueComfort Classic

Download our datasheet and find out more about the Webasto BlueComfort Classic Series.

Datasheet BlueComfort Premium

Download our datasheet and find out more about our BlueComfort Premium series.

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