Digital air-conditioning control elements


The Webasto digital control panel is part of a complete electronic control system including the A/C controller card and connecting cables/sensors. The digital display adapts its functionality to the type of A/C system that it is connected to. The following information and parameters can be read out or progammed.


Self-contained systems

  • Automatic / manual cycle switching cool/ heat
  • Cool cycle / heat cycle only operation
  • Calibration of all temperature read-outs
  • Automatic blanking of display
  • Fine-tuning of all blower speed settings
  • Choice between thermostatic and continuous blower control
  • Automatic dehumidification cycle in absence of user
  • Direct read-out of evaporator temperature
  • Choice between manual blower speed control and automatic by temperature differential
  • Optional infrared remote control
  • Access code possible for programming access

Design customization

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