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Here you can get more information about our marine roof products. You can download these directly to your computer. Following you'll find answers to frequently asked questions concerning all Webasto Marine roof systems.


Frequently asked questions


1. How leak-proof are the roof systems?

We offer the only truly watertight roof on the market. Ventilation in the tilted position is possible; even then, rainwater infiltration is not possible.


2. In what parts of the boat can the marine roofs be installed?

Approved for area 2 or 3, depending on the size of the roof.


3. What are the best dimensions for my roof?

For perfect integration into the design of your boat, the roof system is available in various dimensions up to a length of 1.5 meters and a width of 1.8 meters. The transom and color can be customized in order to meet specific customer requests. In terms of styling and functionality, the largest possible unit should be selected.


4. Can the roof be opened while the boat is underway?

Yes, the roof can be operated while in motion or at rest.


5. What is the maximum hull thickness for roof installation?

There is no limit; the roof can be installed on or in any hull (top-mount or flush). The installation of the roof system is similar to that of a standard hatch.


6. What maintenance does a marine roof require?

Anodized or coated aluminum has been proven to last for many years. Although aluminum is relatively maintenance-free, the roof must be cleaned regularly. The outside stern tracks require special attention in order to ensure smooth operation of the unit.

These must be kept free of dust and debris. Washing the roof with lukewarm water from time to time is recommended. Adding a small amount of liquid soap makes this process easier. Rinse with water afterwards.


7. What cleaning products should be avoided?

Never use the following:

  • Alkaline products containing caustic soda
  • Acidic products such as hydrochloric acid or products with fluorescent substances
  • Steel wool, scouring products or sandpaper


Glass cleaning products may also be alkaline and therefore corrosive.


8. What roof thicknesses are offered?

High-quality 15 mm acrylic glass panes or glass in various thicknesses.


9. What flanging radius is offered?

The roof has a flanging radius of 80mm.


10. What roof radius is available?

Max. Length
Max. Width
Flanging Radius
Min. roof radius
Roof with transom
Roof with transom
in opening direction
Roof with transom
across opening direction

The minimum roof radius is 10,000 mm; All dimensions are in mm.


11. What finish options are available for the roof system?

Finishing options
Solid aluminum pane
Smoke grey
Anodized / RAL coated
Aluminum profile
RAL coating
All available colors