150-Series: Customised double curvature roof models


A perfect solution for demanding roof projects. The fully integrated roof consists of a moving and a fixed panel. The panels are fully flush and the double curvature allows extraordinary design possibilities.


The 150-Series is supplied as a complete system. The frame design is dedicated to each yacht. Application engineering and close cooperation between the shipyard and Webasto is required.


Your advantages

  • Maximum weight of the moving panel is 150 kg
  • Frame design dedicated to each yacht
  • Supplied as complete functional system
  • Fully watertight sealing system
  • Tilting at rear side (ventilation) and sliding to rear
  • 24 V DC drive system
  • Double curvature (front to aft, starboard to port side)
  • Panel material can be glass or sandwich
  • Application engineering required

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Technical details

Stainless steel construction. Laser cut & welded
Inside seal fixed to GRP Hard Top for 100% water tightness
Mechanism frame
Tilting and sliding mechanism fixed to frame parts. Mechanism is including fixation brackets for the panel
Drive system
24 VDC motor fixed onto the frame part and
connected to mechanism
Front and rear panel
2 side covers to cover the mechanisms

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