Webasto Engineering Services: completely tailor-made solutions


Webasto has 30 years' experience in advanced automotive roof systems which we apply to marine: kinematics, advanced materials, water management and sealing systems. We turn your ideas into reality and guarantee high quality and outstanding product know-how. Phased project approach and joint teams enable know-how transfer to your engineers.


Add value to your boat and brand image

  • Unique, exclusive roof systems to match your exact specifications
  • Phased project approach: limited risk, possible exit at any stage
  • Joint teams and know-how transfer
  • Customer involved at every stage
  • Opportunity to use Webasto engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities for high quality results

The success of our projects is based on the following three fundamental elements:

Boat with Webasto roof

Product visualization

Translate ideas into visual concepts. Phased project approach allows frequent evaluation and limits the customers’ risk.


Webasto marine roof development

Product development

Translate visual into technical concept. Joint teams require strong customer involvement (marketing, R&D, manufacturing).

Ensuring quality

Product validation

Prepare drawing package for suppliers and assembly. Highly valuable know-how transfer ensures best outcome of the project investments.



FAQ: Webasto Marine roof systems

Do you have questions about our roof systems? In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) area you can find a lot of useful information.


Brochure & Catalogue

Find detailed information on our Marine product portfolio in our brochure and catalogue.