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On this site you can find additional information on our marine products. You can download our datasheets and brochures directly onto your desktop. In the following you will find answers to frequently asked questions on our marine heating solutions.




Frequently asked questions


1. Why should you select a Webasto water or air heating system for your boat?

Boats and yachts are equipped with either a water or air heating system:

An air heating system is suitable for heating the salon and cabins. Installation is quick and easy, the preheat time is short and fresh air operation quickly dehumidifies your boat. The air heating system also features low weight, a compact design and low power consumption.

An on-board water heater offers the comfort of home: Advantages of the Webasto water heating system include dehumidifying the interior of your boat, heating tap water and preventing harmful cold starts by preheating the engine. The Webasto water heater can also be combined with the Webasto BlueCool Premium air conditioner to create an integrated marine “Total Climate Control” system.


2. What types of boats can be equipped with a Webasto water or air heating system?

Almost any boat or yacht with cabins can be equipped with a Webasto water or air heating system.


3. Where in the boat is heating equipment installed?

The equipment may be installed in the engine compartment, in the locker or under the transom on your boat.


4. Does the installation of Webasto heaters affect the warranty on your boat?

No, proper installation does not affect the warranty on your boat.


5. What heat output do I need for my boat / yacht?

Please consult the brochures for water and air heating systems. You can have the boat brochure mailed to you under brochure request.


6. What is the range of the radio remote control?

Up to 1000 meters at sea.


7. What is the Thermo Call?

You can activate your Webasto water or air heating system with a call from a landline or mobile phone. Simply call the number of the heating system and enter your code. A voice menu guides you through the setting options. You can activate or deactivate both the heating and the ventilation functions. The heating and ventilation times are individually adjustable.


8. How does fuel get to the heating system?

Fuel is extracted from the tank and supplied to the heating system using a dosage pump provided by Webasto.


9. How much fuel does a Webasto water or air heating system use?

Air Top 2000 ST
Air Top Evo 3900
Air Top Evo 5500
Thermo Top C 
Thermo 90 ST
Full load (l/h)
Partial load (l/h)


10. Is it possible for the boat tank to be completely drained by heating system operation?

No. The heating system is either connected to the fuel return line or with a separate tank extractor. In either case, the intake line does not reach to the bottom of the tank so that a fuel reserve is guaranteed to remain pump provided by Webasto.


11. Can exhaust fumes leak into the interior?

No. If the exhaust pipes are properly installed according to the instructions, exhaust fumes cannot leak into the interior. A wall bushing is used to conduct exhaust fumes to the outside.


12. Does the operation of the Webasto heating systems create unpleasant odors?

Thanks to continuous improvements in burner technology and fuel quality, exhaust odor from Webasto heaters is virtually or entirely unnoticeable. This is comparable to the development of modern diesel engines, which also no longer generate smoke emissions.


13. Are specific installation kits available?

Yes, specific boat kits are available for the Webasto Air Top air heating systems to significantly simplify installation and upgrades.