Silence is golden - That for use special silent kits


For even more comfort on board, the powerful Webasto marine air heaters Air Top Evo 3900 and 5500 are now available in extra-silent kits.  

The air heaters offer heating performances of 3.9 kW and 5.5 kW, respectively, and run either on 12 V or 24 V. The heater kits include high quality stainless steel parts and accessories. For increased comfort, the kits now include a more efficient air intake silencer and new 90° noise suppression parts for the fuel line. The additional elements have been designed to decrease combustion air noise by 6 dB and any associated pump noise by 10 dB.

The result: Customers still benefit from fast, efficient and compact Air Top Evo heaters while experiencing less onboard noise at the same time.


Important components: Marine specific silent kits

Marine specific kits have been developed to specifically match the unique needs and demands of the Marine market. Using a Marine kit guarantees completely satisfied Marine customers:

  • Extra low noise applications (extra silent dosing pumps, vibration clacking brackets)
  • Exhaust and air intake silencers
  • External temperature sensor obligatory for Marine applications
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to new organization of kits and included installation overviews
Components: Quick-fit Hot Air Ducting system

Provides high temperature resistance from -40°C up to +140°C, PA6.6 GF30 fiberglass reinforced synthetic material, super easy fitting and multiple combination possibilities to suit any application.

Webasto provides perfect fit, high quality components for easy installation and high flexibility. For more information, please download the Webasto marine catalogue.