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Here you can get more information about our marine products. Download our datasheets and brochures directly to your computer. Following you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about all Webasto Marine cooling solutions.




Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1. I need an air conditioning system for my yacht. What systems does Webasto offer?

Webasto has air conditioning systems suitable for any boat or yacht. If you want air conditioning for individual cabins, the Webasto BlueCool S-Series is the perfect solution. In this system, the components are mounted as a compact unit.


2. Which system is right for my yacht?

We recommend the Webasto BlueCool S-Series system for yachts with up to three cabins. You require a unit for each cabin. These units are easier to install and more affordable than chiller systems.

If you want to cool four or more cabins, a Webasto C-Series or BlueCool Premium system is recommended. These systems take up far less cabin space and are better suited for air conditioning several cabins. You can use our configurator to determine the approximate overall size of the system you need.


3. Where in the cabin should the air vents of a climate comfort system be positioned?

With any air conditioning system, the air vents should be positioned at the highest possible point in the cabin for optimum cooling. This also applies to climate comfort systems with an integrated heater. While warm air generally rises, the blowers used in our air conditioning systems are up to three times as powerful as those used in heating systems. If the air return vents are positioned far down, air circulation is sufficient for proper heating.


4. I want to keep the noise level in my yacht as low as possible. What factors do I have to take into account?

There are various ways to keep the noise level to a minimum. First of all, the air vents in the cabins should meet the minimum size recommendations in order to guarantee maximum air throughput with minimum noise. We also recommend installing a distribution box to ensure air is blown evenly through the vent. Thanks to our programmable blower controls, the fan speed is also individually adjustable. However, cooling performance does decrease with reduced airflow.


5. I want to install a Webasto BlueCool S-Series system in the sleeping quarters, will it be too loud at night?

Webasto BlueCool S-Series can be installed so that you can sleep in peace. If the system is installed directly underneath the bed, the bed frame must be sufficiently insulated in order to reduce the noise level. Positioning the air intake directly in front of the air conditioner should also be avoided; otherwise, noise emission is unobstructed. Instead, the intake should be offset to prevent noise emission.


6. What is the warranty on a Webasto BlueCool air conditioning system?

Webasto offers a 2-year warranty on its products. We also operate in more than 56 countries around the world and have a large dealer network that is always growing.


7. Can I use my air conditioning system to heat the cabins in cooler weather?

It is indeed possible to use an air conditioning system for heat. A reverse flow valve is required. However, this method only works well if the seawater temperature is at least 10°C. And at temperatures below 4°C, it is no longer possible.

Webasto is the first supplier in the world offering an integrated comfort system – our BlueComfort system. In order to accomplish this, we have integrated an especially developed and adapted diesel heater into our air conditioning system. This allows us to achieve any desired interior temperature regardless of the seawater temperature. The heater is fully integrated and is regulated using the air conditioning system controller.


8. Can a chiller system be used to heat one cabin while simultaneously cooling another?

This is indeed possible, but it requires two parallel water circuits. One for heating and one for cooling. However, this is very expensive and therefore impractical on smaller boats. Electric heating elements offered by Webasto for installation in the heat ex-changer are a simpler solution. This approach allows one heat exchanger to run in heating mode while another cabin uses the cooling function.