Fresh air units & air handlers


Webasto offers a wide range of fresh air units and air handlers. Our different options and designs fit your individual needs perfectly. In addition to horizontal and vertical layouts, accessories such as bleeder kits or the electronic silencer are available to significantly reduce blower noise.


Your advantages

  • Many types of air handlers available to fit into all sorts of installation spaces
  • Easy to install and retrofit as an upgrade
  • Allows fine-tuning of installed applications where necessary
  • Various power ranges and design options

Air handler

Air handlers

Fresh air units

Because the right amount of O2 makes the difference in well being!

Our fresh air units regulate the fresh-air entry into the vessel by inside/outside temperature differential analysis and combined air extraction control. The 2-stage integrated reheat provides a warm and cozy cabin at all times.

The electrical control allows you to manage two separate blower outlets: fresh-air input and extraction air output in different speed options.

Fresh air units
Air handlers technical details

Find more information and technical details on our air handlers in the following datasheet.

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