Heating solutions for every requirement


As a world market leader, Webasto develops and produces air heaters for interior cab comfort and coolant heaters for engine pre-heat. Air heaters are used to warm interior spaces like the bunk area of a sleeper cab while coolant heaters are used to warm engine coolant and pre-heat the engine. The ideal solution is using both heaters. 



Webasto Coolant Heaters: Engine-Off Heating & DPF Solutions

Webasto has the solution to DPF problems.  By pre-heating the engine, you can eliminate cold starts, reduce PM emissions by up to 66% and reduce NOX emissions by up to 40%*. 

  • Reduce filter overloading, face plugging & thermal cracking
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase DPF performance
  • Extend DPF Service Life & Save Thousands of Dollars in Fuel


*Based on independent lab testing


Webasto Air Heaters: Reliable Bunk Comfort & Fuel Savings

Webasto air heaters keep drivers warm without idling and provide unmatched fuel efficiency. The fuel savings add up quickly and provide a fast return on investment - heat the bunk area for up to 22 hours using as little as 1 gallon of fuel.

  • Quiet operation allows drivers to rest more comfortably by providing consistent engine-off heat
  • Environmentally cleaner & require less maintenance than other options
  • Programmable heater start time is available with the SmarTemp Control 2.0 controller

Reduced Idling Can Save Thousands of Dollars in Fuel and Maintenance Costs!