Truck bunk cooling systems: BlueCool


BlueCool features a cold storage unit that mounts to the frame rail and an air handler that mounts to the back wall inside the cab. While the truck is operating, the alternator generates 12V DC power that is inverted to 110V AC by a power inverter. This drives a refrigeration compressor which freezes water retained in the patented cold storage graphite matrix mounted to the frame rail. 

The BlueCool system is now charged and ready to cool the bunk. After the engine is turned off and the BlueCool temperature and fan speed controls are set, a chilled coolant mixture is circulated through the storage core by way of a high-efficiency pump and then transferred between the air handler in the cab and the cold storage unit. The air handler draws in warm air from the bunk and cools it with the chilled coolant circulating in the heat exchanger. The cooled air is returned to the bunk through four adjustable openings in the air handler.

The result is a comfortable bunk during rest periods and hundred of dollars saved per month.



Product benefits

  • Reduces unnecessary idling
  • Uses no fuel and creates zero emissions when cooling the bunk
  • Fast return on investment
  • Runs for up to 10 hours on one charge without idling
  • No additional batteries required
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Operates independently from the truck’s air conditioning system
  • Quiet operation ensures a restful night’s sleep
  • 17,000 Btu thermal storage
  • Dehumidifies the cab
  • Reduce engine wear and maintenance costs
  • Reduces emissions
  • CARB approved and EPA SmartWay Verified Technology

Installation example




Further information

Your individual saving potential

Reducing your idling times leads to less engine wear and a fuel saving potential up to 90%. Calculate here your individual savings potential for bunk cooling systems.

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