Aftertreament Solutions That Improve Engine Readiness


Trucks are meant to be driven, not idled. Cold starting, idling for warmth or cooling can contribute to early DPF failure. This failure can lead to revenue loss due to downtime, increased fuel consumption, additional maintenance costs due to early engine wear out and harmful emissions.


Webasto Has Solutions

As a leader in aftertreatment technology, Webasto Coolant Heaters can help you minimize additional maintenance and fuel costs due to failing DPFs.


CARB Approved + EPA SmartWay

Independent testing shows that using a Webasto coolant heater to pre-heat an engine can significantly improve DPF performance:

  • Up to 66% reduction in PM during startup
  • Up to 40% reduction in NOx
  • Up to 62% reduction in CO during startup based on ambient temperature
  • Increases exhaust temps rapidly, aiding in catalyst activity
  • Emission reduction at high ambient temperature
  • Emission benefit to pre-heat year round


* based on independent lab testing

24,000 - 31,000 BTU/h

Thermo Pro 90

Thermo Pro 90

Webasto Coolant Heater Benefits

  • Eliminates cold starts
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce emission output
  • Reduce costly DPF maintenance
  • Extend regeneration cycles
  • Easy install
  • Reduce face plugging
  • Reduce wet stacking
  • Reduce filter overloading
  • Reduce component failures
  • Reduce DEF tank and injector issues 

Webasto Product Video

See how the Thermo Top C Engine Coolant Heater works!


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