Heating systems for defense vehicles: Thermo Pro 50 Eco


The Thermo Pro 50 Eco has been specially designed for use in lightweight trucks and small to medium-sized commercial and specialty vehicles. Its compact dimensions and lightweight design allow for installation in vehicles with limited space.

The heater warms the engine to fuel-saving operating temperatures, even before the vehicle is started. The heater’s innovative features help establish and maintain comfortable temperatures in the interior during rest stops and when the vehicle is off.


Product benefits

  • Engine-independent water heater with 2.5 to 5 kW of heating power
  • At only 2.1 kg, the most lightweight heater in its class
  • Compact dimensions suited to installation in a wide range of vehicle models
  • High product quality with service life of 3,000 hours
  • New features such as altitude adjustment and residual heat usage
  • Available for initial installation and retrofitting

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For ‘silent watch’ operations for example, fuel savings in excess of 50% can be achieved. Calculate your savings potential here.

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Webasto presents the product range for defense vehicles: Water heaters, air heaters and air-conditioning-systems allow operations at tropical as well as arctic weather conditions.