Save fuel and reduce engine wear


The special military variant of the Thermo 90 S is available. With a protected controlling unit, pump, and  wiring arnesses, the unit fulfills the norms of the Def Standard 59 - 41 and MIL 461 F.

The Webasto Thermo 90 S connects directly to the engine coolant circuit and pre-heats the engine and interior with the vehicle's own heat exchanger while the engine is off. This protects the engine and reduces consumption during start up.

Tested and reliable, the Thermo 90 S contributes to mission readiness.


Product benefits

  • For pre-heating the engine and cabin interior
  • Development with consideration to the most current OEM requirements and automotive standards
  • Quality guarantee by TS16949
  • Original equipment or aftermarket installation possible
  • Terms of delivery individually customized for each vehicle
  • High operational readiness of the vehicles even at low temperatures
  • Reduced fuel consumption by avoiding idling
  • Able to diagnose which part of the unit is in need of service or maintenance
  • World-wide service network

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For ‘silent watch’ operations, fuel savings in excess of 50% can be achieved. Calculate your savings potential here.

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Webasto provides products for defense vehicles: Coolant heaters, air heaters and air-conditioning-systems allow operations in hot and cold weather conditions.