Efficiency through heating


Extreme cold afflicts not only people, but machines too. To secure constant readiness of the vehicles and the equipment at very low temperatures, the vehicles should be heated with the engine off.


Air heaters: A warm interior, fast and efficient

The air heaters warm the vehicle's cab or transporter interior. Even when the engine is turned off they facilitate reconnaissance and surveillance missions with very low fuel costs. A 20-hour deployment is possible with about one gallon of fuel, and with no engine noise! We call this low-noise non-stop operation Stealth Heat™. A mere 5.7 lbs and fabricated from sustainable materials: Our air heater is the lightest device on the market and it is also the first choice for environmental reasons!


Coolant heaters: Engine pre-heating and interior comfort

In cold regions, it can be difficult to start the engine. It has to reach the optimum temperature first. Webasto coolant heaters are connected directly to the engine coolant circuit and pre-heat the engine and interior with the vehicle's own heat exchanger while the engine is off. This protects the engine and reduces consumption during start up. Cost-intensive idling becomes a thing of the past!