Solar technology in vehicles


A solar roof provides fresh air in a vehicle. This keeps the interior relatively cool without using up the battery.


When the sun cools. Getting into a car that the summer sun has heated up is rarely a pleasant experience. The sun can heat the interior up to 70 degrees Celsius, or cool it down to 20 degrees with a Webasto solar roof operating the ventilation fan while it's stationary. Solar cells integrated in the glass panel provide the necessary power to operate the vehicle's ventilator fan to provide a continuous flow of fresh air through the passenger compartment. Hot air is blown out through ventilation flaps at the rear end of the vehicle thereby decreasing the temperature inside the vehicle.

A8 Solar roof

"Cool down" consumes less fuel. A cooler interior during a "hot start" on a summer day doesn't just improve driver and passengers' comfort, it reduces fuel consumption and hence cuts CO2 emissions. After all, the heat not only places a burden on the driver and passengers, but also on the air conditioning system. The quick "cool down" after starting the car uses considerably more fuel than maintaining a specific temperature while driving. Our solar roof's parked ventilation system counters this problem. By preventing the vehicle from heating up too much, the system halves the time the air conditioning system has to run at full blast. The air conditioning system's fuel consumption and the related CO2 emissions are tangibly reduced. And the increased safety should not be underestimated: there is scientific evidence that a driver loses concentration in a hot car.  

Solar powered. The increased use of electric cars means the power supply is becoming increasingly important. Our panorama solar energy roof can support your car air conditioning or battery charging and is consequently suitable for hybrid or electric cars. We are also currently working on integrating the extremely light thin-film solar cells in our roof systems.


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