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Light weight construction is one of the predominant topics in the automobile industry in order to fulfill demands of politics and society for fuel saving and COreduction. As a worldwide market leader, Webasto develops technologies to meet these challenges.

Polycarbonat Panel

New dimensions. Polycarbonate has gradually been conquering the vehicle construction market. The 3-D moldability and the multi-component capability of the injection molding process provide designers with visionary design freedom. The weight savings vs. glass can be up to 50 percent. This not only reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle, its handling also improves since the car’s center of gravity is lower. A further advantage of the plastic is that polycarbonate is extremely impact resistant. This means that it neither splinters nor breaks upon impact, even in the case of an overturn of the vehicle. We produce roof systems and components like roof blinds made of Polycarbonate.

Learn from nature. PU composite material is also light and strong. The core of the material consists of paper honeycombs which are covered by a mixture of polyurethane (PU) and reinforcing fibers. Thanks to its particular stability, the composite material is ideal for body shell parts up to two square meters in size – for example, the roof shells of a retractable hardtop. It weights up to 25 percent less than steel. Further advantages are its excellent 3-D moldability, good acoustic and heat-insulating properties.





Light weight construction

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