Bus heating systems: DBW 2010/2016


Engine protective, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient. Through its modern technology and robust design, the DBW 2010/2016 offers optimal conditions for heating mid-sized to large-sized engines. It operates on a high performance level, yielding up to 16 kW.

Webasto provides individual solutions for preheating large engines as well as for warming up operators´ cabins and cargo areas in various vehicles.

Coldstarts are prevented, since the water heaters simultaneously warm up the cabin and the engine. The decrease in costs by reduced fuel consumption and the prevention of idling increase the economical use of the vehicle. As a result, the environment is spared through the reduction of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The Webasto water heating systems are designed according to the high international standards of the vehicle suppliers.


Product benefits

  • Quality guarantee by TS16949
  • Reliable operation through reduced service and maintenance efforts
  • Fast operational readiness through safe starting of the engine, even at low temperatures
  • Decrease in fuel consumption by prevention of idling
  • Available for original equipment or for aftermarket installation
  • Delivery terms specially designed for each vehicle type
  • World-wide service network

Further information

„Best Brand Award“

Awarded numerous times: From 2004 – 2014 Webasto was chosen as “Best Brand” in the category air-conditioning / heating for commercial vehicles 10 times in a row. Survey of the German magazines “transaktuell”, “lastauto omnibus” and “Fernfahrer”.

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