IAA Cars 2017: Webasto Launches Electric Parking Heater

eThermo Top Eco expands product portfolio

Stockdorf/Munich – September 14, 2017 – Webasto, the global market leader for sunroofs, panorama and convertible roofs as well as parking heaters, is presenting its multifaceted range of products for vehicles with all types of drives at the IAA Cars (September 12 – 24, 2017). Like no other company, Webasto stands for flexible and individual heating solutions. At IAA the systems partner is introducing the eThermo Top Eco, a new electric heater for motor vehicles with internal combustion engines—an expansion of its parking heater portfolio. The new product provides the same level of comfort and security as the proven fuel-powered models. The eThermo Top Eco is on display at the Webasto booth in hall 8.0, booth A19.

Expansion of the parking heater portfolio
Webasto parking heaters preheat the vehicle interior as well as the engine. The electric version is impressive for its low price, as the eThermo Top Eco is available for many car models in Germany starting at affordable 999 euros, including installation. The heater draws its energy from a conventional 230V power outlet. The advantage: As long as the Webasto heater is running, the vehicle battery is also charging. Another particularly user-friendly aspect, as compared to competitor solutions that require installation of additional components in the interior, is the fact that the heat is conveyed into the interior directly via the vehicle’s own fan. Thus, Webasto’s eThermo Top Eco ensures cozy warmth without the need to sacrifice valuable space in the vehicle interior, as is the case with conventional products on the market.

“With the new parking heater, we are augmenting our range of parking heaters with an electric option for fuel-powered motor vehicles,” says Fabian Bez, who bears overall responsibility for the thermo business of the Webasto Group. “The eThermo Top Eco is also an attractive alternative in terms of its price. For instance, families could upgrade their second car with this. And anyone who has ever experienced just how pleasant it is to get into a preheated car in the morning, will not want to do without this comfort,” Bez adds.

Warm passenger compartment and unobstructed view
The electric heater allows customers to be greeted by a warm and cozy interior when they drive to work or take the children to school on mornings when outside temperatures are low. Hectic ice-scraping with clammy fingers is no longer necessary. Ice and fog-free windows also enhance road safety for the vehicle’s passengers. Since as with all other Webasto parking heaters, with the eThermo Top Eco cold starts are a thing of the past, the engine is spared and pollutant emissions are reduced. Thus, the electric heater offers the same advantages as a traditional parking heater.

The innovative new product can be operated with a commercially available timer on the 230V socket or, as all Webasto parking heaters, with the app or the remote control.


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Picture 1: eThermo Top Eco (© Webasto Group) 
Caption: World premiere Webasto eThermo Top Eco: Electric heater for motor vehicles with combustion engines. 

Picture 2: eThermo Top Eco Carport (© Webasto Group) 
Caption: World premiere Webasto eThermo Top Eco: Easy power connector for instance at the home carport.  

Picture 3: eThermo Top Eco Illustration (© Webasto Group) 
Caption: World premiere Webasto eThermo Top Eco: Electrical Heat for the interior and the motor.   

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