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With 5 steps to Webasto: here you’ll find the details on our application process in Germany. 


5 steps

  1. You send your application and receive an knowledgement of receipt by email.

  2. Your application is checked by Human Resources (HR). The profile matching the position, the application is put forward to the respective department. 

  3. With positive feedback of the department, HR invites you to an interview at one of the Webasto locations. Besides HR, your prospective line manager usually takes part. Applicants with an interesting profile that does match the requirements of another position are forwarded to the respective HR person for consideration. 

  4. You are invited to another interview. This time also the next level manager will participate besides the line manager and HR. 

  5. If successful, you`ll receive a phone call first, then we’ll send the contract offered by mail.

You make a good first impression if ...

  • You send a letter of motivation, never mind if the application is electronic or paper-based, 
  • In an electronic application, you limit the number of attachment to most important ones. Only send those documents that are relevant to your statements in the letter of motiviation and to the position you seek: your CV, the final exams respectively a current draft of your exam results, your employer’s reference. For documents, use .pdf or .doc formats, for images use .jpg or .gif., 
  • You check copies for readability, for documents chose font size 10 or more,
  • Always give your complete address including phone numer and email address
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