Off-Highway heating systems: Thermo S230/300/350/400


Powerful and kind to the environment. The powerful water heaters of the Thermo S series raise high-power engines to their operating temperature before starting. In public or tourist buses, they quickly establish a comfortable temperature level in the passenger areas without the engine running. Apart from consideration of readiness from operation, preheating the engine also ensures that the engine has a longer life expectancy. A modified sensor system significantly reduces exhaust and noise emissions. The supplemmentary heating function during operation ensures a comfortable interior temperature, even when outside temperatures are very low. These water heating systems go beyond the legal requirements to meet the high standards of bus manufacturers as well. 


Product benefits

  • Operation even at very low outside temperatures
  • A comfortable interior temperature right from the start and while driving
  • Preconfigured complete systems for less installation work
  • An integrated diagnostic function reduces out-of-service and down times of the vehicle
  • Optional preheating of the fuel

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