Rediscover the world!
Freedom. Lifestyle. Comfort.

This is freedom.

Enjoy every minute of a life well lived.

The sun warms your face and a gentle breeze wafts summer fragrances towards you. The view is breathtaking and every time you come around a bend in the road you’re greeted by a splendid new vista. A panorama roof opens up a world of fascinating perspectives. Relax and let your own impressions work their magic as you revel in the feeling of freedom and the essence of life.

Light enhances well-being.

Indulge in a healthy dose of high spirits and high energy.

You sense it immediately! Your skin begins to tingle. Your body produces endorphins – the happiness hormones. Almost magically, every ray of sunshine makes you smile - and voila, you’re in a great mood! So you enjoy every mile in your car that much more. A panorama roof does more than just light up your car – it lights up your lifestyle and gives you an intense feeling of being alive.

An eye-catcher to behold!

Sense the elegance and design perfection.

Well-being is a matter of taste and lifestyle. That’s also true for your car that really has to fit to you. What could be nicer than being on the road in elegant style? On the inside, a panorama roof blends perfectly with the interior design of your car. And on the outside? That’s where it becomes a design eye-catcher and an expression of your personality. Just create a great impression!

Discover the advantages

  • Safety and superlative quality

    Quality made in Germany: The elegant, perfectly installed panorama roofs are not just visual eye-catchers. Even more importantly, they meet the most exacting demands for technical functionality, reliability and easy handling - naturally, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

  • More light, more air, more comfort

    Whether it’s the first rays of spring sunshine, balmy summer temperatures or crisp fall air: Why not maximize your enjoyment of all the seasons? Let warming sunlight and crisp, fresh air into your car!

  • Custom-made right from the factory

    A Webasto panorama roof is the ultimate expression of your individuality and your personality. And it shows that you’re enjoying every minute of your life. Most automakers offer installation right at the factory. For pure driving pleasure from the very first mile.

  • Lifestyle and pure driving pleasure

    Scientific studies show panorama roofs do more than just enhance driving pleasure, they also have a positive impact on driving quality. There’s a simple reason: An open roof improves the air quality in a car, thus increasing attention and the ability to concentrate while driving.

    Perfection down to the tiniest detail

    • Perfect installation

      Practically all major auto brands offer panorama roofs ex-factory – from subcompacts to the family car to luxury sedans. An individual roof - down to the last detail - is specifically developed for every one of these car models. Installed with the greatest precision and care, your car becomes the consummate expression of your personal lifestyle.

    • Quality that´s been tested

      The panorama roof is installed in your new car right in the automaker’s factory. The Webasto name stands for best in quality materials and precise factory installation. Both Webasto and the automaker ensure that. Both have subjected your new panorama roof to extensive testing – to maximize quality and reliability for you.

    • Familiar security

      A Webasto panorama roof meets the most stringent safety requirements and withstands all types of inclement weather - even the most severe weather with violent storms and torrential rains. Webasto makes the greatest possible effort to ensure this optimum level of safety.

      What makes a panorama roof so desirable?

      All motorists are sure to have their own personal ideas. How about you?

      There are many reasons for choosing a panorama roof. The first of these: you! Treat yourself to that extra in lifestyle and feel-good indulgence! And the other reasons? Go see for yourself!

      Experience the benefits

      • Light is mood-enhancing

        Let light and sunshine in! Even the smallest ray of sunlight brightens and enhances your mood, and gives you a sense of freedom. Isn’t that a divine panorama?

      • Airy vistas

        The scent of freshly-cut hay, the chirping of birds: Every breeze transports the natural beauty of the seasons into your car. And helps you keep a cool head if things do heat up.

      • So close to heaven

        Doesn’t it feel magical to count the stars and watch the clouds float by? So every view turns into a panoramic experience and a great show – special convertible feeling included.

      • A visual highlight

        It just feels good to be on the move surrounded by such beauty. The panorama roof design is a real eye-catcher – from the outside and the inside.

        Discover a whole new world!

        The next time you´re buying a car, ask about a panorama roof. Very affordable comfort.