The BlueCool Drive 40 – a cool product for the entire family


So, to reduce stress levels during the drive and to ensure that you enjoy the journey, Webasto has developed the new BlueCool Drive 40 air-conditioning system. The kit is integrated into the cooling circuit of the vehicle’s own air-conditioning system, which creates a total cooling circuit. So, in a flash, you’ve expanded your existing air-conditioner.

The best thing about it: You arrive at your holiday destination and can immediately enjoy a wonderfully cooled motorhome. So you can relax, enjoy a restful sleep and revel in that boundless vacation feeling.


The advantages of your new BlueCool Drive 40:

  • Consistently cools the entire vehicle while you’re driving
  • Expands your existing vehicle‘s air-conditioning system
  • Although quiet and compact, the system is extremely powerful
  • Low-noise distribution of cooled air
  • Little or no impact on the maximum recommended load (less than 7 kg)
  • Low initial investment
  • Operation via the 12-V on-board power supply
  • Webasto automotive technology, proven over many years

Technical details

BlueCool Drive 40
Cooling capacity (W)
max. 4.000
Nominal voltage (V)
Current consumption at 12 V at blower levels 1 / 2 / 3 (A)
3,9 / 4,8 / 6,6
Electrical power consumption at 12 V at blower levels 1 / 2 / 3 (W)
46 / 57 / 79
Max. air flow volume (m³/h)
Dimensions of evaporator (L x W x H) (mm)
390 x 235 x 125
Weight of kit (kg)


Installation example


How it works

With the BlueCool Drive 40 system by Webasto, you are guaranteed to have the entire interior space of your vehicle cooled during your drive. And all this with a minimal weight increase and low retrofitting costs.

  • The BlueCool Drive system is an expansion of your vehicle’s existing air-conditioner (1) for the rear area of the motorhome.
  • The system was especially designed to provide cooling while you drive and is operated via the running engine of your motorhome.
  • The BlueCool Drive does this by utilizing the vehicle’s own compressor (2) and condenser (3) which are already installed in the engine compartment.
  • Cool air is generated in the additionally installed evaporator (4) which, when using a dedicated control element, enables the very easy cooling of the rear area of the vehicle (5).
  • The result: An expanded cool climate circuit, that ensures uniform cooling of the entire motorhome.
Good to know

The only prerequisite for the BlueCool Drive 40 system is a functioning, vehicle-own air-conditioning system. Contact a Webasto installation partner to select the kit adapted to your vehicle type.

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BlueCool Drive 40 Flyer
Webasto RV brochure

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