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Retrofit heating systems for trains


Innovative retrofit solutions for your vehicle fleet. Make your rail vehicles’ heating technology state-of-the-art. Especially for retrofitting, Webasto offers you fast, cost-efficient solutions that can be adapted to your specific needs. Benefit from our standardized products that are available at any time and have proven themselves over years in the railroad market.


Your advantages


Proactive planning

If our experts are brought into development early, vehicles and HVAC components can be optimally adapted to one another. This gives you custom solutions at the lowest possible development cost.


High flexibility

Despite all standardization, we stay flexible when it comes to connections. So that in the end everything fits.


Proven standard solutions

Standardized products are proven and always available. Their quality has stood up to extensive real-world use.


Low cost

Cost is another advantage. Because development and delivery times are comparatively short, you’re up and running faster. That saves time and money.


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