Important components for your chiller system: BlueCool A-Series


The central chiller unit is typically installed in the engine room, providing chilled water/glycol to all cabins via a water circuit. One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are fitted to generate the required cooling capacities individually in each room.


BlueCool A-Series

Webasto provides an extensive air handler portfolio in different layouts with a performance range  from 4,000 – 36,000 BTU/h to suit all sizes and space requirements of your boat. The three construction forms of the BlueCool A-Series – Compact, Slimline and Low Profile – are distinguished by their especially compact, slim and flat design.  

The A-series meets the highest demands for comfort thanks to innovative features, such as vibration dampers, remote bleeder and the innovative Instant Drain Condensate Management System. The modular concept of the BlueCool A-series provides maximum flexibility and can easily be extended with accessory components such as the new Electric Heat Module (EHM) and the Flow Control Valve.

For further explanation of all the features of the A-Series, just watch our videos below.


Your advantages

  • Three possible shapes to cope with any installation demand: Compact, Slimline and Low profile
  • New modular system with various options
  • Innovative Webasto Instant Drain Condensate Management
  • High quality stainless steel design
  • High performance with high cooling capacity and high air flow
  • Super Silent with flexible vibration isolation mounts & larger ducts to reduce noise from air speed
  • Oversized heat exchanger tested under tropical conditions

Technical details

BlueCool A-Series
Low Profile
Capacity (BTU / h) 
4,000 BTU / h – 36,000 BTU / h
6,000 BTU / h – 18,000 BTU / h
6,000 BTU / h – 18,000 BTU / h
Capacity (kW) 
1.2 – 10.7
1.9 – 5.6
1.9 – 5.6
Voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)
50 / 60
50 / 60
50 / 60
Current draw running (A)
0.5 – 2.1
0.5 – 1.1
0.5 – 1.1
Air flow (m³ / h) 
230 – 1550
380 – 750
380 – 750
Air flow (cfm) 
135 – 912
224 – 441
224 – 441
Ø Blower connection (mm)
A4 Compact: 100 (round)
A6 and A9 Compact: 125 (round)
A12 and A18 Compact: 150 (oval)
A24 and A36 Compact: 2 x 150 (oval)
A6 and A9 Slimline: 125 (round)
A12 and A18 Slimline: 150 (oval)
A6 and A12 Low Profile: 125 (round)
A12 and A18 Low Profile: 150 (oval)
Ø Blower connection (inch)
A4 Compact: 4 (round)
A6 and A9 Compact: 5 (round)
A12 and A18 Compact: 6 (oval)
A24 and A36 Compact: 2 x 6 (oval)
A6 and A9 Slimline: 5 (round)
A12 and A18 Slimline: 6 (oval)
A6 and A12 Low Profile: 5 (round)
A12 and A18 Low Profile: 6 (oval)
Weight (kg)
6 – 21
7 – 12
10 – 16
Weight (lbs)
13.2 – 46.3
15.4 – 26.5
21.6 – 35.3


Installation example

For an application guideline of a complete system setup, please have a look at our marine catalogue (right).

Product construction forms


Video: BlueCool A-Series Overview


Video: Instant Drain Condensate Management


Video: Flow Control Valve


Video: Electric Heat Module (EHM)

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