advantages of a parking heater for your car

Advantages - for your car


Takes the pressure off engine and wallet

Comfortable temperatures in car

Shivering, ice-scraping, heat accumulation and baking hot temperatures – that stress is a thing of the past. Webasto provides a more comfortable temperature in summer and winter: A luxury that doesn’t have to be expensive!


Saves hard cash

save cash

The fuel consumption increases only by a minimal amount, as the fuel savings achieved by pre-warming the engine compensate almost completely for the consumption during the heating phase.

The real fuel costs of a parking heater:

  • Parking heater with a gasoline engine: Approx. 0.22€ (at a price of 1.30 €/liter and 20 minutes of heating time)
  • Parking heater with a diesel engine: Approx. 0.11€ (at a price of 1.10 €/liter and 20 minutes of heating time)