Advantages - for you


Safety through clear visibility

When you use a Webasto Parking Heater your visibility is clear from the start, without going near an ice scraper. Dangerous humidity, misting and re-icing is avoided as well.


Warmth from the very start

The vehicle interior is at a comfortable temperature from the start of your journey. Frozen hands, shivering and cold feet could be a thing of the past.


No more ice scraping - just get in

Getting up early to scrape the ice from your windscreen – that is all in the past. Start your day relaxed and comfortable with a Parking Heater from Webasto. Look forward to getting into your cosy car.


Time saving and effortless

You save time when you use a Parking Heater. No more scraping ice off the windows, wiping damp surfaces and running the engine up to temperature. The last option is prohibited in most countries anyway.


Totally user friendly

Ein Mann bedient komfortable seine Webasto Standheizung mit dem Handy - Thermo Call 3 machts möglich.

You can choose how you would like to operate your Webasto Parking Heater. You can choose to operate it via remote, your mobile phone or the Comfort Timer. All these options are easy, fast and practical.


Intelligent ventilation in summer

Bei Hitze im Sommer die intelligente Standlüftungsfunktion nutzen

A parking heater offers more than just warmth in winter. During the summer, a parking heater blows external air into the parked car, thus cooling the vehicle interior. The ventilation function prevents the buildup of excessive heat and very high interior temperatures.


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