Trust the test winner


Whenever our products are tested, the results are the same. The winners are always the Webasto Parking Heaters. This is because Webasto tests the heaters under extreme conditions, which are more severe than those of any test institute. Confirmation of this also comes in the form of awards from independent institutes and media.


DEKRA confirmed reduction of pollutants

Durch die DEKRA bestätigte Qualität

The German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association DEKRA has subjected the Thermo Top Evo to extensive tests and confirmed:
If the front windscreen is covered by an even layer of ice and the vehicle has been cooled for 8 hours at a temperature of -7°C, the windscreen thaws within 30 minutes.
DEKRA confirmed that a pre-heated engine requires less fuel during start up and thus compensates for the fuel consumed by the Webasto Parking Heater. DEKRA has been testing vehicles and technical plants since 1925.

Learn more how Webasto Parking Heaters were thoroughly and extensively tested.


Best Brand 2014 – Number one for the ninth time in a row

Leser der auto, motor und sport wählen Webasto Standheizungen zum 7. Mal auf Platz 1


The readers of "auto motor & sport" once again recognise the quality of the market leader. Approximately 73 percent voted for Webasto as the "Best Brand" for the ninth time in a row in the "Parking Heaters" category. Webasto is now 15 percent ahead of the competition and has succeeded in defending its outstanding position. Since the survey started in 2005, Webasto has been number 1 without interruption. Over 24 categories the readers were asked to rate the best brands in the sectors of automotive accessories, automotive suppliers, and service providers. More than 150,000 legally certified participants cast their votes on which brands they liked the most. The detailed results of the survey will appear in the 7/2014 issue.


Testwinner - Best heating in the shortest possible time

“The best heating in the shortest time possible.”:  The Webasto Parking Heater Thermo Top Evo 5+ was test winner from Auto Tourings Parking Heater test 2011 , the membership magazine from the automobilclub Austria.


Webasto Best Brand Auto Bild

80 percent of Auto Bild readers select Webasto as the “best brand”.


Best Brand 2014 in AutoZeitung

Webasto is rated "Best Brand 2014“ (parking heater category) by AutoZeitung.