Warmth on call: Thermo Call


Operate Thermo Call, no matter where you are! Simply call, text or use the new Smartphone app to switch your Parking Heater on or off. That‘s innovation for you - design in perfection.

Now you can operate your Thermo Call via an App! Download the new Thermo Call App easily from the Apple AppStore or from the Google Play Store under "Thermo Call”.


Product Advantages

  • Communication by phone call or text message
  • Heating or ventilation by a push of a button
  • Program up to 24 hours in advance
  • Feedback function by sms
  • Duration time can be set as required
  • Up to 5 authorised phone numbers


Please note: For the operation of Thermo Call you need a SIM card with sufficient credit. The use of the optional callback function causes additional costs. The amount depends on the type of contract. Thermo Call does not include a SIM card.




Download the new Thermo Call App easily in Apple AppStore, in Google Play Store or in Windows Phone Store under "Thermo Call" and operate your Parking Heater with the simple and intuitive navigation.

User manual Thermo Call

Download here the user manual for the

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